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Tourists calculated the cost of living in Bali and were surprised

“Millions are not needed here, that’s for sure,” said a couple of European travelers when they visited the paradise island of Bali – the tourist dream of many of our compatriots. In their blog, they calculated the cost of living on a resort island and were surprised that you could live there on a budget.

“The most stereotypes about this place are that you must live in a villa, eat in restaurants, take a taxi, and only spend, spend and spend – otherwise, no way. But, most likely, many people do not fully understand what a big island it is, and it is, for a moment, 145 by 80 kilometers. Well, accordingly, the places here are completely different,” the traveler reported and added that in the tourist environment, villages such as Ubud, Kuta, and Canggu, which are all in one place, around the capital of the island, are mostly “distributed” Denpasar, where the airport is located.

According to the tourist, it is difficult to call the island of Bali an island. Being there, there is no such feeling. In a short time, a couple of tourists managed to live in five different places. “At first, we spent the night at a local student’s place, and also visited 2 hotels and 2 guesthouses. In the first case, we lived for free (Couchsurfing to our rescue), then we rented both a cheap place and 10 times more expensive to compare, but now we stayed in a local guest house in Ubud. The whole problem here is that you can simply get lost in various places for housing, well, there are too many,” he explained.

In addition, the tourist added that not always an expensive and presentable hotels in pictures will be the same in reality and warned against blindly trusting photos from booking applications. “That’s why it’s better to ride a little first and look at different options, and then stop for the night,” the author advised.

Here are the expenses of a couple of tourists on the island:

  • Renting a room in a guesthouse is $32 per week
  • Bike rental – $13 for 10 days
  • Meals – $2 for one meal for two
  • Laundry – $0.45 per 1 kg of clothes

“It’s not the cheapest, even if you look for more, you can live cheaper, so far we stayed in a place that we more or less liked,” the blogger noted, adding that the temporary place of residence suits them quite well so far because everything is nearby.

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