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Tourist arrested in US after hiding in plane wheel to catch free flight to Miami

A “serial” stowaway was arrested after he was caught red-handed trying to hide in the wheel compartment of the plane.

The New York Post tells the story of 26-year-old Jeffrey Gutirrez, who was charged with trespassing on an American Airlines aircraft. The accused jumped over the fence at the Houston airport and, once on the runway, hid on the plane to Miami, the source said.

The “stowaway” was discovered by an airport employee during a pre-flight check. The compartment contained critical steering and hydraulic components that police said could have put the lives of the 166 passengers in “serious danger.” The man was arrested for “repeated trespassing” and was given bail of one million dollars.

Officials said the “stunt” Gutirres tried to pull off had previously proved effective after he hid in the chassis of an American Airlines flight from Guatemala to Miami in November 2021. Police noted that the defendant then entered the United States illegally, although it is not clear how he then got to Houston. According to court documents, Gutirrez is homeless and was being tested for mental illness.

Finding a stowaway in the wrong place led to delays and disruptions in air transport on Memorial Day holidays. The airport also noted that security measures were tightened after the incident.

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