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Three Russian tourists were deported from the island of Bali for prostitution

Police on the tourist island of Bali in Indonesia deported and blacklisted three Russian travelers for prostitution at a local villa. The women were handed in by neighbors.

As previously reported, the local authorities organized raids to catch foreign tourist violators. In particular, they received a signal from concerned neighbors last week about “suspicious activity” in one of the villas and sent a police team there to check. “Based on information from the public, there has been suspicious activity at a villa in Seminyak. The law enforcement officers went there and successfully caught three Indonesians and the same number of foreign tourists,” said the head of the immigration service.

According to Indonesiaexpat, three Russian women aged 30 and 32 were among the detainees. They were arrested and imprisoned in the Immigration Center in Denpasar. Law enforcement officers proved the fact of prostitution. Last Friday, March 10, Russian women were deported through I Gusti Ngurah Rai airport.

“The women left at 9:05 a.m. local time and were sent directly to Russia, but first went to Turkey in transit because they used the services of Turkish airlines,” said the head of the regional branch of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights in Bali, Angiat Napitupulu. At the same time, it is not known whether the Russian women went on to Russia or went in another direction.

It was clarified that two Russian women entered Indonesia on a tourist/social visa (index 211), the maximum period of stay within which are 180 days. If necessary, the visa can be extended directly to the country. Another applied for a visa on arrival (VoA). This visa is paid and must be extended up to 3 times during the stay in the country – it differs from the entry stamp. The maximum validity period is also 180 days.

The authorities have become particularly strict about foreign immigrants, who noticeably increased on the island last year. “Our commitment to providing the best service to Indonesian and foreign tourists is certainly accompanied by humane law enforcement functions alongside Timpora’s Foreigner Surveillance Team. On the other hand, we invite volunteers to take part in ensuring the security of their place of residence by reporting any suspicions about the activities of foreigners,” said the representative of the immigration department.

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