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The world’s first airline launches flights “for adults only”: what will be there

Children are often the cause of loud arguments on planes, and Corendon Airlines seems to have found the perfect way to avoid this. From November 2023, the carrier will be the first in the world to introduce exclusive adult-only areas on its Amsterdam-Curaçao flights.

The adult-only area will be physically separated from the rest of the aircraft by walls and curtains. Only persons aged 16 and over will be allowed here. A regular ticket for one in such a zone will cost 45 euros (93 seats). For 100 euros, you can get a more spacious and comfortable XL seat, there will be nine such seats on the plane.

The carrier emphasizes that this offer will also have a positive effect on parents traveling with small children, as they will not have to worry if their children make a little more noise than they would like.

It will be recalled that earlier DIP found out that most passengers predictably book seats in the front part of the economy class cabin because they believe that this way they will get off the plane faster after landing at their destination. Flight attendants shared which places on the plane should be avoided so as not to sit next to small children.

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