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The water in Venice suddenly changed color to fluorescent

The water in the head canal of Venice turned fluorescent green in a week, and the government is trying to fix the cause.

About the povodlyaє, Reuters is sent to the fire service of Italy. The agency declares that the incident is related to the recent episodes in Italy, if the groups of defenders of the necessary middle ground made monuments, victorious roses of the villa, to turn off the water to the Trevi Fountain in Rome in black color as a sign of protest against vikopny pali.

However, in front of the previous vipadkiv, the same group of activists did not take responsibility for what happened in Venice.

The regional agency for the protection of the ancient middle ground of Italy decided to change the wording and try to identify the speech, as it changed the color scheme.

So the prefect of Venice, Luca Zaya, called out to the emergency police, to tell them what happened, that you could counter-enter.

Earlier, we already talked about environmental problems in Venice.

Thus, the canals of Venice begin to dry out through the passage of boards. For some of them, gondolas can no longer move.

Previously, Venice became the first place in the world, for which tourists have to pay. Also, in 2021, the rotation of Italy has blocked the arrival of great cruise liners to the Venice lagoon, to protect the world from overseas tourism.

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