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The tourist reported that he always sits in the “worst” seat on the plane because it is actually the best

British tourist John Burfitt, a frequent flyer, named what is widely believed to be the “worst” seat on the plane. The Mirror reported his findings.

A seasoned traveler revealed that he always chooses a “bad” place when he wants a relaxing trip and some hidden benefits. This is especially true during long flights when you cannot do without sleep. We are talking about a place near the window in the back of the cabin next to the toilets – it is believed that there is a smell of toilets, and there is often a queue of people who want to get there.

Moreover, he purposefully books only it, despite the flight attendants’ warning that in this part we will often catch the smell of the toilet, and people around are talking. However, all this pales in comparison to the only advantage of the rear seats, the expert believes – there are no tourists behind. The interlocutor explained that once he had to endure blows to the back of the chair for the entire flight and since then he vowed never to repeat this experience.

In addition, he always entertains himself with the hope that the flight attendants may relent and offer a free upgrade. We remind you that in this case, the flight attendants advise. Much depends on the clothes chosen by the passenger for the flight. Politeness in communication with the staff and refusal of alcohol are also appreciated.

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