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The tourist reported how to effectively prevent reclining the seat in front of him on the plane

The question of whether to lower the seat during airplane flights remains a hotly debated topic. This is usually due to the restriction of free space for a person in the back, but at the same time, it makes the trip more comfortable. Recently, a tourist shared an “unethical tip” on TikTok, how to effectively prevent the passenger in front of him from reclining his seat.

The accompanying caption in the published video says: “Unethical life hack. When you’re on a plane, and the person in front of you reclines their seat all the way and leaves no room for you. Turn on the air conditioner above you at full power and point it at his head.”

Some people praised the idea, finding the habit of lying in their seats on the plane annoying. “Unethical? I think it’s perfectly reasonable,” wrote one user. Another indulged in subtle revenge and shared his method: “I like that kind of pettiness. I usually just push the seat if it’s reclined.”

Some did not appreciate the ban on reclining their chairs, and several people noted that they would only be happy with the flow of fresh air that helps them fall asleep. “I’m lying down, thanks for the extra air, it helps me sleep,” one man joked.

Others were adamant that the reclining seat function was their legal right. One passenger wrote: “The seats are designed to recline. Recline your seat or move to a seat with more legroom.”

Another user agreed: “Honestly, there’s no problem here. The seats recline, you can use this feature if you want or not. The real point of contention is the armrests.

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