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The Russians lost their land window to Europe

The “ground” window to Europe for Russians “going” to the West will close next Saturday. This is the Allegro train, which runs between Helsinki and St. Petersburg – it will stop on March 26.

It will be recalled that a little over a week ago, the German Deutsche Welle (by the way, which has already been blocked by Roskomnadzor) published a video. It claimed that the Finnish company Allegro hastily increased the fleet of trains running between St. Petersburg and Helsinki, specifically for “hundreds and thousands” of Russians fleeing oppression and sanctions.

The reality has turned out to be harsher – according to the Finnish Helsingin Sanomat, back in early March, the railway operator VR, which manages the Finnish railways, said a “sharp reduction” in contacts with RH. And on March 24, Finland’s Minister of State Property Management, Tutti Tuppuraine, sent a letter to the company stating that “train operation is no longer in demand.” “The situation with Allegro has changed, and the continuation of Allegro is more impractical from the point of view of the state owner,” said the Finnish official. Why the train “lasted” so long, and also explained clearly: “All willing citizens of Finland have already returned to Finland from Russia,” – she said.

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