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The rating of the most visited attraction in the world has been compiled, the result is unexpected

The most visited attraction in the most visited country in the world was not the Louvre, and not even the Eiffel Tower. The European press presented a count of the most visited attractions in France – and the numbers showed amazing: among the sights of Paris, Notre Dame Cathedral or Notre Dame de Paris (which recently burned down) took first place – it is visited annually by 12 million people out of 20 million foreign tourists coming to Paris.

Disneyland Paris also “suddenly” appeared in the top three of the ranking, and the Louvre is only in third place, although it still turned out to be the most visited museum in the world – 10 million people a year. And the Eiffel Tower was completely “pushed” to fifth place.

The top 5 attractions were as follows:

  1. Notre Dame Cathedral – 12 million people
  2. Disneyland and Sacré Coeur – 11 million people
  3. Louvre – 10 million people
  4. Palace of Versailles – 8.1 million people
  5. Eiffel Tower – 6.2 million people

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