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The most greedy airlines have been revealed

The cheapest airlines, ready to extort money from tourists for anything – even for the natural desire to sit next to close relatives on the plane – were discovered by British researchers.

Well-known low-cost carriers are at the top of the list of pages almost guaranteed not to allow you to sit together for free. More “pathetic” companies willingly go to meet tourists and easily seat them next to them even “for free”, the researchers added. Although the research was conducted primarily for the British market, this trend is evident for the whole of Europe.

The results of a study published in the British press, which was carried out by experts in the protection of consumer rights, revealed the most greedy airlines, are not ready to seat tourists together for free. The basis of the research was a survey of more than 8,000 tourists.

The result is partially predictable — low-cost airlines, or rather airlines, Wizz and Ryanair turned out to be the most greedy. On the flights of the latter, only 66% sat together without paying extra for a seat, and 61% of the former. While 94% of joint check-in passengers will board together at the British national carrier, and 93% at easyJet.

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