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The largest water park in the Middle East has opened in the main resort of Egypt

The largest water park in the Middle East was officially opened this Friday in the main resort of Egypt – Hurghada. The Never Land City water park has added hotel rooms, as well as restaurants and other tourist attractions, which local officials hope will create a new tourist attraction in Egypt.

According to Egyptian mass media, the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Ahmed Issa, Red Sea Governor Omar Hanafi, and President of the Tourism Investment Association Kamel Abu Ali officially opened the water park. As the latter emphasized, creating a water park “is one of the most important investments and events of this year.”

The water park includes, for the first time in Egypt, the “Royal Cobra” slide, which has received the “Best Water Games in Europe” award for the past nine years in a row, as well as several water attractions for children. In addition, the “tourist city” at the water park also includes hotel rooms and a large theater, as well as various shops and many restaurants and cafes of world cuisine.

As officials are confident, the new water park “will help promote Hurghada as a global tourist destination with comprehensive services, including competitive resorts and water games that compete with counterparts in the Middle East region.”

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