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A giant shark returned to the beach of the Egyptian resort: tourists take photos

A shark was spotted again in the coastal waters of the Hurghada resort. However, this time it is not about a bloodthirsty species of predator, but about a cetacean, which tourists have already seen near the shores of the resort town. Now the shark returned and became the object of vacationers’ photos.

As noted by the Egyptian publication El Watan News, an amazing event happened on the beaches of Hurghada: a sea giant weighing 30 tons and up to 12 meters long swam to the shores of the resort city, which delighted tourists. Dr. Mahmoud Moati from the Institute of Marine Sciences in Hurghada noted that this event is not surprising, because the purity of the marine environment in the Red Sea creates ideal conditions for the return of this unique shark. The expert emphasized that despite its considerable size, this shark is not aggressive and not dangerous to people: it has no teeth and prefers to eat small fish and algae.

Bahlul – as they call the sea giant in Egypt – became a real star thanks to the fact that he willingly swims with divers and “poses” for their cameras. They take pictures of themselves against the background of a person and publish pictures on social networks. This attracts new and new travelers to Hurghada, who, puzzled by the spectacular pictures of their colleagues, hurry to come to the resort.

Reference: According to experts, this passive and slow-moving species appeared approximately 60 million years ago. Despite its considerable size and huge mouth, the fish, like the whale, mainly feeds on plankton, microscopic flora, small animals and fish. However, despite the fact that whale sharks are considered peaceful, there have been cases where tourists have been injured by the blows of their tails when they tried to restrain the giant or hurt it.

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