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The flight attendant informed which tourists of which nationality are the most annoying to them

Former flight attendant and author of the book “The Flight Attendant’s Diary” Marika Mikusova told which tourists of which nationality get on the crew’s nerves the most. First of all, these are the British, writes the Daily Mail portal.

Most Brits get on a plane already in “party mode”, tending to drink a lot and make noise. “While we don’t like to spoil the fun, we have to reassure the passengers a little. Alcohol consumption and noise levels on board should not get out of hand. Needless to say, sometimes this still happens, and it can be ugly,” said Marika Mikusova from the Czech Republic.

In her opinion, flights with a large number of Germans on board, who know how to take care of themselves, are the most peaceful. “German passengers know where to sit and how to place their luggage on the upper shelves, which they then close themselves. And if they want to change seats with someone, then they go and ask themselves, instead of coming to us like little children so that we can figure it out for them,” the flight attendant remarked.

Marica also liked the relaxed atmosphere on the flights with “polite Japanese” and “ever-smiling and kind-hearted Filipinos”. She added: “The behavior of the passengers sets the mood of the flight. And not only for us, but also for everyone on board.”

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