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The British railway company asked tourists to stop watching explicit videos on trains and at stations

According to the BBC, the appeal was published by the company Northern, which operates trains in the northern part of the UK.

“She urged customers to refrain from viewing ‘obscene’ content, including ‘inappropriate jokes, profanity, offensive themes, and explicit ‘adult’ material,” the British publication quoted the railroad as saying.

“While access to a safe and secure internet is an integral part of our passengers’ expectations, it is important to remember that some content is not suitable for everyone to view in public, especially children.

So if something is not suitable for viewing at work, it is most likely not suitable for viewing either in our stations or on our trains. Please wait until you get home,” said Trisha Williams, Chief Operating Officer of Northern.

The rail carrier also added that its in-flight internet is accredited under the government’s Friendly WiFi scheme, which certifies only certain providers that block “dangerous” types of content in public areas.

Chris Jackson, regional director of the carrier, added that with this innovation, the company only “gently reminds passengers of the rules of etiquette.”

“We don’t want to give the impression that we have wild morals, it’s not. Such incidents do not often happen on our trains, but from time to time they still happen, and these cases should be reported without hesitation,” Jackson urged passengers.

Earlier, the British Transport Police addressed the recommendation to “fans of watching adult content in public places”. Law enforcement is advising passengers to file a report if they catch someone viewing “explicit material” on public transport.

The police added that those caught engaging in this activity in public would be prosecuted for “harassment, alarm or distress by section 5 of the Public Order Act.” For this, a fine of up to 1,000 pounds sterling is imposed, and in special cases – up to six months in prison.

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