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The Americans dealt a new blow to the flights of Russian tourists to Turkey

Another “tour operator” airline became a victim of American sanctions – the Turkish carrier Southwind acquired new problems and was forced to cancel flights on the Russian market en masse. This is reported by the mass media, citing data from two sources in the Russian aviation market. However, critical problems with transportation are not expected yet, because it is still possible to “transfer” tourists with already purchased tickets to non-sanctioned planes or flights from other airlines.
According to sources of the publication, the US authorities have blocked the possibility for the Turkish airline Southwind Airlines to fly to Russia on American planes. After that, Southwind turned to Russian air carriers with a request to transport its passengers with already-sold tickets. This is what both sources reported. Most likely, the Turkish carrier has either been threatened with sanctions, or Southwind Airlines aircraft have been placed on the sanctions list, effectively blocking the ability to service them abroad.
At the same time, as the media add, Southwind does not comment on the situation. Tour operator Pegas Touristik, which transports tourists to Turkey, in particular on Southwind flights, reassured tourists, saying that sold tours will not be affected by this situation.
We will remind you that Southwind Airlines is a Turkish charter airline, established in the spring of 2022 in Antalya, in particular for the delivery of Russian tourists. The Southwind fleet is partly made up of former Russian Nordwind Airlines aircraft, and Nordwind crews were also involved in the flights of the Turkish carrier. According to Flightradar and Planespotter, the newly established Turkish carrier has eight Airbus and Boeing aircraft in its fleet, including three Boeing 737 MAX aircraft of American origin. Recently, flights to Russia were carried out on only two Boeings, both belonging to the American Lessor Air Lease Corporation. According to Flightradar, the last flights in the Russian Federation were carried out on June 1. Later, these planes were put on flights from Antalya to Germany and Switzerland. “Before the actual blocking of flights to the Russian Federation on the Boeing 737 MAX, Southwind operated 10-12 return flights per week to Russian cities on these planes,” adds the media.
However, some flights from Antalya to Russian cities were still canceled. For example, the flight to Novosibirsk, which was supposed to take place on June 2, two flights to Samara (June 3 and 4) and one to Nizhny Novgorod (June 3). We will remind you that earlier flights to Orenburg were also reduced.
However, so far the reduction of flights is “unpleasant, but not critical”, the vice president of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia commented to the publication. “Now the number of flights to Turkey is higher than necessary. But a disturbing question arises: how far will the Americans be willing to go? – voiced the expert.

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