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Thailand intends to promote medical tourism to increase the attractiveness of the destination

Thailand plans to bet on medical and health tourism in 2023. According to representatives of the Kingdom’s Tourism Authority, such a policy will help attract foreign visitors to the country all year round.

TAT Executive Director for Advertising and Public Relations Parchart Bunklai noted that Thailand is ready for new trends, and has the necessary infrastructure and technology. To promote the wellness goals of travel, clinics are recommended to maintain the level of service, but not to increase the cost of services, making them more accessible, thereby strengthening the industry’s competitiveness.

Analysts estimate that health tourism will generate around 25 billion baht ($700 million) in revenue for Thailand in 2023. Moreover, the previously introduced measures to combat the coronavirus pandemic are expected to present the kingdom as one of the safest and epidemiologically safe world destinations.

Nevertheless, it is precisely the covid restrictions and the inconsistency of the authorities in their application that can lead to the opposite situation. In recent weeks, the local government has alternately announced a tightening of sanitary rules for tourists, then canceled them, forcing some travelers to adjust their vacation plans. Therefore, the stability and predictability of entry conditions can also increase the attractiveness of Thailand in the eyes of foreign visitors.

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