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“Shut up! I’m not your servant!”: The stewardess put in place a rude passenger

The flight attendant of the Indian airline IndiGo put the rude passenger in his place and became a star in the network, according to DIP.

The incident occurred on board the plane during the flight Istanbul – Delhi on 16 December. One of the passengers demanded that the flight attendants give him a sandwich, and when he heard that there were no extra snacks, the man began to shout at the crew members. He brought one of the flight attendants to tears.

When another flight attendant tried to explain the situation to the man, he rudely cut her off and asked her to shut up. Then the girl lost her temper and called to the conscience of the passenger.

“Shut up! I’m not your servant! You have no right to talk to me like that. I listen to you calmly, but you do not respect me or my colleagues,” the flight attendant told him.

The dialogue caught on video quickly gained popularity on the network. Many users supported the girl: “She stood up for her teammates and deserves only praise!”, “She is absolutely right, she is not his servant. Well done flight attendants!”. Other comments, on the contrary, condemned the flight attendant, explaining that she had to control her emotions and not take it out on the passenger.

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