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Shark drags tourist underwater in Bahamas

A German tourist who was diving off a popular beach in the Bahamas was dragged underwater by a shark.

The tragic incident occurred on Wednesday, at about 10:30 local time, a few hundred meters from the West End, near Tiger Beach in the western part of Grand Bahama Island, the Cologne Stadt Anschlager newspaper clarified.

The 47-year-old woman was diving, and in places where divers regularly swim. However, soon after going underwater, it became clear to other tourists in the group that she had been attacked by a shark. The German woman first floated to the surface briefly and then found herself pulled under the water. Since then, no one has seen the diver again.

It was clarified that the coast guard and police continue to search for the missing woman off the coast, but so far they have only managed to find her torn equipment. Since several days have already passed, the chances of finding the tourist alive are extremely low.

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