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Russian tour operators accused Turkey of “undermining trust” due to planes that will no longer be allowed to enter the country

Russian tour operators do not yet plan to review flight programs to Turkey due to the latest “sanction news” – read more about them here. Market experts explained about the planes that fell under the latest ban: in short, not many planes were included in the list, which tour operators have something to replace. However, in conditions where tourists are already waiting, taking their time to book a summer vacation in Turkey, such “surprises” can hurt vacations — Turkey was accused of “undermining trust.”

First of all, according to ATOR, the ban did not affect “all Boeings”: the list of sanctions includes about 30 planes, which, according to the Turkish Airporthaber, have been denied service and refueling due to the demand of the US authorities. There has been no official confirmation of the sanctions from the Turkish authorities yet, the experts of the association also note. But if sanctions are introduced, transportation from the regions will take the brunt of it, and tour operator programs will be less affected, experts assure.

We will remind, according to the statement of the Turkish publication Airporthaber, in Turkey “the provision of various services to aircraft made in the USA and under Russian-Belarusian control has been suspended.” The decision was made by the decision of the Department of Customs and Trade, and at the direct request of the States, more precisely, in connection with the letter of the Office of Industry and Security on the export practices of the Department of Commerce. In total, only 30 aircraft appeared in this list, and mainly Aeroflot – the national carrier has 2 wide-body Boeing-777s that fly as part of Russia aircraft carrier and 15 Boeing-737s. Also on the list are five Boeing-737s of the S7 airline company, 4 Boeing-737s of the Utair airline company, 2 Airbus-320 and 321 of the Yamal airline company, as well as one Boeing each of the “tour operator” airlines AZUR Air and “Ikar”.

Aeroflot, the most affected company, currently claims that the sanctions have not had any effect, and flights are carried out according to the regular schedule. The airlines claim that there is something to replace the “sanctioned” planes. It is also stated that to complete the flight programs of the winter schedule of airlines affected by sanctions, they can refuel in Sochi, and this “maneuver” has allegedly already been tested.

“Based on the list of aircraft itself, tour operator transportation is least affected by the sanctions. For the most part (if the decision is indeed officially adopted), it may affect regular flights to Istanbul from the regions, but not summer charters,” ATOR experts comment. However, for the summer season, it can be decisive – and in a negative way. “Turbulence in the market can negatively affect both the depth of bookings and the delivery of Russians for summer tours to Turkey. Confidence in the direction may be undermined: tourists will decide that the country changes its position towards tourists from Russia too often, and the air connection with it is unstable,” Russian experts of the association comment.

At the same time, the travel market also notes that Russian tourists are not sure about the availability of summer Turkey, this is the picture shown by the results of early bookings. According to experts, it decreased by 30% compared to last year — where March was also not distinguished by stability. The Russians continue to whine – “the bans, which contradict the Turkish government’s statements that the country has no intention of imposing sanctions against Russia, could lead to even more disappointed tourists.”

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