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Residents of Bali identify Russian tourists and hand them over to the police

Since the beginning of March, the Indonesian authorities have been implementing a program to re-educate tourists in the resort of Bali. As a result, dozens of deported foreigners, including Russian citizens. The reason for detention and expulsion from the country are accusations of illegal provision of services and entrepreneurship. Fined for riding motorbikes without a helmet and walking topless. The sources of information are social networks and messages from vigilant residents of the island.

There are many such examples on social networks, and, as can be seen from the comments, Russians do not always follow the rules established in Indonesia.

Residents are actively involved in identifying the “wrong” tourists. In chats, they report both about individual activists and cite as an example an Instagram account that regularly collects dirt on foreigners.

The police encourage civilians to help identify violators. In addition to photographing non-compliance with traffic rules by foreigners, the authorities urged to signal vehicles with non-standard information on license plates. In public, there are pictures where russkii tourists and other inscriptions in Latin appear on the numbers.

An example of shocking Balinese behavior is given by detik Bali, when a tourist, presented as a Russian citizen, took off his pants on Mount Agung, which is considered sacred by residents. So the desire to figure out everyone who does not follow the rules is quite understandable.

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