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Protests in France turn into violence: tourists have been warned about the consequences of traveling to the country

One after another, warnings are being issued to European tourists about travel to France for the Easter holidays. The British government recently issued a corresponding warning, as reported by the local Express newspaper. We are talking about protests that can turn into mass violence at any moment.

Britain’s Foreign Office has updated its travel advice following mass protests across the country. “Since mid-March spontaneous protests have taken place in the center of Paris and elsewhere in France. Protests are likely to occur and may occur without much notice. Some protests turned into violence,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs warned its tourists.

A coordinated strike and large-scale demonstrations are currently planned for Thursday, April 6, the warning also said. The strike may begin the evening before the day of the strike and last for several days. Protests may lead to traffic disruptions. The strike is also ongoing, affecting several sectors, including transport networks.

In particular, protests have already blocked roads and some railway stations. Passengers were also detained at the Paris station – protesters climbed onto the rails and stopped traffic.

Britons were also warned they “could face disruption or cancellation of flights as French air traffic control prepares to go on strike”.

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