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Poland updated the re-entry rules for refugees from Ukraine

In Poland, the rules for re-crossing the border for Ukrainian refugees have been renewed. From now on, it will be mandatory to present diia.pl at the border in order not to lose the UKR status.

This is reported by the Embassy of Ukraine in Poland. To preserve the status, a foreigner has the right to leave Poland for no more than 30 days.

“To avoid losing the PESEL UKR status in connection with departure from the territory of Poland for less than 30 days, a foreigner returning to Poland must notify the employee of the border service conducting passport control of the intention to enter in connection with using the right of temporary protection in Poland and showing the electronic document diia.pl every time,” the message reads.

The embassy specifies that this should be done even if Ukrainians go to Poland for work or another purpose, but at the same time, they will have protection in this country.

If the refugee returns to Poland but does not fulfill the specified conditions, he may lose social benefits.

“Entering the territory of Poland without notification of the specified circumstances or without presenting the electronic document diia.pl may lead to the fact that the foreigner’s data will not be included in the registers based on which the PESEL UKR status is granted, and which is related to numerous social rights”, diplomats warn.

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