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Phuket covered the chaos that threatens to spread to the whole of Thailand

Chaos enveloped Phuket: the Thai resort, popular among tourists, is once again under the influence of the elements, which threatens to spread to the whole of Thailand. At least the Thai Meteorological Department (TMD) has issued a threat warning for 36 provinces, including resorts and Bangkok.

The resort, in addition to heavy downpours, was “attacked” by gale-force winds that brought down a huge number of trees, causing traffic jams on many streets and power outages in some places. It took several hours for the utility services to remove the fallen trees.

And “enlightenment” is still not foreseen. Residents and vacationers were officially warned by representatives of the Southern Meteorological Center TMD, which emphasizes the danger of the current situation. “Over the Andaman Sea and the southwest coast of Thailand, a fairly strong southwest monsoon prevails. For this reason, some areas will experience heavy rains, up to heavy downpours. They will also be accompanied by wind gusts, potentially reaching speeds of up to 40 kilometers per hour,” they said. Many well-known provinces to tourists will come under attack – in addition to Phuket, these are Krabi and Trang.

According to tradition, a separate warning was issued about the beaches – waves in the Andaman Sea can reach a height of 2 to 3 meters and even exceed 3 meters in areas of thunderstorms. It is strongly recommended that all vessels avoid such areas and stay ashore. “Going into the water” in such weather is not recommended, of course, for tourists either.

However, in most parts of Thailand, the weather is a little better – chaos may spread across the country. In total, warnings for severe thunderstorms, floods, and gale-force winds due to the monsoon have been issued by the department for 36 provinces in Thailand. Citizens and tourists are urged not to relax and to remain vigilant.

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