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Passengers began to be weighed during flight check-in, tourists were shocked

A video shot at one of the US airports, where a passenger is being weighed during check-in for a flight, appeared online. The recording was posted on TikTok by Lilian Wessel, an eyewitness to the events, noting that everyone present was shocked.

Passengers usually ensure that their luggage and hand luggage do not exceed the weight limit set by the airline. But it turned out that the weight of the person himself can prevent him from getting on the plane. TikToker Lilian Wessel filmed how, when checking in for a flight to the United States, everyone was asked to stand on the scales in advance for admission to the flight.

The girl explained that the flight was carried out by an extremely small plane, so attention to weight load and possible overloading was especially vigilant.

“It’s a tiny plane so they needed to know our weight before take off for safety reasons,” Lilian wrote.

The video collected more than 1.6 million views and shocked viewers. One user wrote: “This is not normal.” But some had already faced weighing at the airport.

“I once saw a very heavy man being taken off my flight and he cried. It’s sad, but it was a 16-seater plane. There was no way he could fly,” said the TikTok user. And another added: “Flew home from the Philippines and got weighed. I have never been so ashamed in my life.

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