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On the island of Bali, three half-naked tourists shocked shoppers in a supermarket

In the first week of the year, Indonesia updated legislation and banned the posting of information that violates decency on the Internet and the media. The Bali Sun reported yesterday that there will be legal action for everything from nudity to criticism of the country, communities, and even individuals.

The innovation affects tourists who write impartially on public pages about their vacation. Indonesian citizens will also be punished for interfering in someone else’s life. For example, in Bali, residents often publish facts of violation of rules of conduct by foreigners on social networks and post the “compromising photos” they find on their public pages.

Thus, the recent scandalous video, the heroines of which were three half-naked tourists, also falls under prohibited filming and publication. One of the shoppers recorded what she saw at the Bintang supermarket in Seminyak.

“Girls walked around the store in thong bikinis: you should have seen the horror and disgust on people’s faces, and where was the security?” – the author of the video was indignant. In response to a remark about their unacceptable appearance, the tourists laughed and said that everyone was jealous of their slender figures and sent the criticizing woman to hell.

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