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Named the most “serene” airports in Europe

Car rental company StressFreeCarRental has collected data from the world’s most popular airports to find the “quietest air havens,” according to SchengenVisaInfo.

The experts compiled a rating based on the total number of travelers per year, distance from the city center, parking prices, and quality rating. They explain it this way: the less passenger traffic, the less stress experienced by those at the airport. Similarly, the closer to the city, the cheaper the transport and the less problems. The goal was to find the least “stressful” airport.

The air harbors of Vilnius, Billund, and Luxembourg were in the top 3 most calm European airports.

The full top ten looks like this:

  1. Vilnius (Lithuania)
  2. Billund (Denmark)
  3. Luxembourg (Luxembourg)
  4. ​​​Menorca (Spain)​​
  5. Hannover (Germany)​​​
  6. Newcastle (UK)​​​
  7. Corfu (Greece)​​​​
  8. Trondheim (Norway)​​​
  9. Turin (Italy)​​​
  10. Cagliari-Elmas (Italy)

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