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Named the most expensive cities in the world to meet the New Year

New York (USA), previously named the most expensive city in the world in 2022, is recognized as the most expensive place to rent a home on New Year’s Eve.

As Breaking Travel News writes, during the study CheapHotels.org compared the prices of the cheapest rooms in hotels in 50 major cities of the world for a 3-night stay from December 30 to January 2. Only centrally located hotels with a rating of at least three stars and generally positive guest reviews were considered.

As a result, New York with a price of $312 per day for the cheapest room took first place in the ranking, followed by Miami (USA) with a rate of $297 and Sydney (Australia) with $295.

London (Great Britain) became the most expensive European city with a cost of $275 per night, taking 4th place overall, and the leader of the list of Asian destinations was Tokyo (Japan), where New Year’s tourists will have to spend $232 per night (7th place) in the rating).

Compared to New Year’s Eve in 2021, when travel to specific destinations was still heavily affected by COVID-19 restrictions, fares in Tokyo have risen by more than 300% this year, the authors of the study note. Another destination that has seen significant price increases is Marrakech, Morocco, where prices have more than tripled compared to last year.

The top 10 cities in the world with the most expensive hotel prices in the New Year:

1. New York (USA) – $312 per night.
2. Miami Beach (USA) – $297 per night.
3. Sydney (Australia) – $295 per night.
4. London (Great Britain) – $275 per night.
5. Nashville (USA) – $257 per night.
6. Edinburgh (Great Britain) – $234 per night.
7. Tokyo (Japan) – $232 per night,
8. Dubai (UAE) – $230 per night,
9. Cancun (Mexico) – $217 per night.
10. Venice (Italy) – $214 per night.

As reported by DIP, experts previously predicted that in 2023 the prices for accommodation in hotels in several popular tourist destinations would rise sharply.

In Europe, the most expensive cities are Paris, Stockholm, and Dublin. In the USA, the prices for accommodation in hotels will rise the most in New York, Seattle, and San Francisco. Prices are also expected to increase in Toronto, Singapore, Sydney, Dubai, Tel Aviv, Johannesburg, Mexico City, Sao Paulo, and Buenos Aires.

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