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Named the best city in Europe for tourists

London, Paris, and Amsterdam topped the list of European cities suitable for tourism and long-term residence. The consulting company Resonance Consultancy ranked the 100 best metropolitan areas of the continent.

According to the Time Out resource, the rating can be trusted, because the opinion of the compilers is authoritative.

“Resonance Consultancy, the firm behind WorldsBestCities.com, has compiled a ranking of the top 100 cities in Europe for 2023. Many factors were taken into account when compiling the list, including walking distance, attractions, diversity, experiences, employment rates, and even Instagram hashtags,” – writes the source.

The top 10 best European cities look like this:

  1. London, Great Britain
  2. Paris, France
  3. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  4. Barcelona, ​​Spain
  5. Zurich, Switzerland
  6. Madrid, Spain
  7. Berlin, Germany
  8. Rome, Italy
  9. Basel, Switzerland
  10. Geneva, Switzerland

Chris Fair, head of Resonance Consultancy, explained that the company used a combination of basic statistics (such as GDP and crime rates), ratings from tourists, and messages from residents collected from travel platform ratings and social networks to compile the rankings.

“We don’t just choose the best city to live, work or visit, we evaluate a combination of all factors,” Fair said.

The head of the company also noted that the rating takes into account those factors that the traveler chooses when choosing a place to work or travel and which are considered “the empirical quality of the city.”

The top 100 was compiled according to 24 indicators grouped into 6 main categories: “place”, “people”, “program”, “product”, “prosperity”, and “promotion”.

London, named the “Capital of Capitals” by Resonance Consultancy, is highlighted in the report for its newly expanded underground network and the opening of high-profile restaurants, as well as attracting tech giants like TikTok and Instagram.

Next up is Paris, acclaimed for its new bike network and aspirations to be a walkable city, as well as impressive rail infrastructure.

Third place was awarded to Amsterdam, known for its housing projects, including an area built entirely of wood.

The final list is led by the UK (15 cities), followed by Germany (14 cities), France (13), Italy (8), and Spain (7). If you try to remove the best country on the continent from this list, then it will be Switzerland: three cities are in the top ten.

Let’s add about the city, so beloved and, most importantly, accessible to tourists, we are, of course, talking about Istanbul. He takes quite a worthy 19th place in the ranking.

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