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Named 10 tricks of stingy tourists in order not to pay: some even eat snow

Ten tricks of stingy tourists who don’t mind doing the “millionaire sport” – that is, mountain skiing – but prefer to pay as little as possible, the Daily Star presented. They cite data from research by Sunweb, which asked tourists planning to go on a ski holiday about whether they would cut back on their spending, and if so, how. The survey took place in Britain, but some of the techniques used by local tourists to reduce their expenses are used by other vacationers.

Yes, tourists almost unanimously said that they will save money this season. Some “extremists” even declared their willingness to “eat snow on the slopes of mountains” to avoid the crazy costs of buying bottled water and snacks on the slopes. However, such an extreme was not included in the list of the 10 most popular ways to save.

If we talk about a snack on the slopes, tourists are ready to bring a packed lunch with them to the mountain, and they also plan to refuse all opportunities of the après-ski industry in favor of relaxing in their room, including a drink from the supermarket. Moreover, they will prefer duty-free rather than resort prices to “spend” for this.

In general, the top ten ways to save include:

  1. Borrow ski equipment from friends and acquaintances.
  2. Book cheap accommodation
  3. Book all-inclusive to avoid paying for food and drinks on the slopes.
  4. Do not visit après-ski entertainment venues and do not buy alcohol in the supermarket.
  5. Reserve accommodation with your kitchen to prepare home-cooked meals in the evenings.
  6. Reduce non-ski activities such as trips to the spa.
  7. Buy drinks duty free
  8. Do not buy new ski equipment (including clothes) before the trip.
  9. Take a packed lunch with you for skiing on the slopes.
  10. Take one ski pass for several people and ski in turn.

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