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Low coster Wizz Air will sell tickets in a new way

The low-cost carrier Wizz Air has announced the price of the subscription to Wizz Multipass air tickets, which allows flying once a month for six months at a fixed price.

As Avianews reports, at this stage you can choose to subscribe to all domestic flights within Italy or all international flights from Poland.

Every month, the passenger can choose any direction within the subscription region and issue a one-way or round-trip ticket depending on which package he has chosen.

The minimum price of Wizz Multipass for Poland starts from PLN 239 (EUR 53) per month, if the passenger will fly only one way, and from PLN 478 (EUR 106) for round-trip flights.

For Italy, the minimum subscription price is €37 per month for one-way tickets and €74 for round-trip tickets.

Wizz Multipass at the minimum cost includes transportation of only small hand luggage with dimensions up to 40x30x20 cm.

Wizz Multipass tickets must be purchased at least 5 days before departure on the special website multipass.wizzair.com. If a passenger cannot fly in a certain month, the ticket cannot be transferred to the next month. The airline also does not allow making changes to an already issued ticket. Only the passenger who made the subscription will be able to fly. You cannot transfer a plane ticket to another person.

A subscription to Wizz Air flights assumes that money will be withdrawn from the passenger’s card every month for six months. It will be possible to cancel the subscription only within 14 days after its registration if the passenger has not taken the flight.

Wizz Air ticket subscription

On April 21, 2023, it was reported that Wizz Air was introducing a “subscription” for air tickets. The service will allow you to book tickets at a fixed price for 6 months.

The service will be extended to all Wizz Air international routes from Poland and all domestic routes in Italy.

Subscriptions to air tickets will be available from May 5, 2023 in test mode.

To issue a MultiPass, you will need to register on the airline’s special website. During the registration process, it is necessary to indicate which flights will be included in the subscription – domestic within Italy or international from Poland.

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