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Low-cost carrier Wizz Air canceled flights to Moscow due to trolling and calls for a boycott

European budget carrier Wizz Air has suspended plans to resume flights to Russia from Abu Dhabi to the UAE. As experts assure, this happened against the background of trolling and Ukrainian calls for a boycott of the carrier in connection with the previously announced decision to resume work with Russia.

At the same time, the airline company Wizz Air did not mention a word about the flurry of trolling and the scandal on social networks. And there, in particular, there were calls to boycott the airline. Officially, the carrier referred only to “industry supply chain constraints” and added that all Emirate carriers in Russia are operating successfully.

We will remind you, that the low-cost carrier Wizz Air officially announced the restart of the flight from the United Arab Emirates to Russia. Wizz Air’s statement said that the airline will launch flights from Abu Dhabi to Moscow in October. Read the details in the link.

At the same time, in response to the indignation, the representatives of the air carrier reminded us that the flight will be operated by its company in Abu Dhabi, which is a registered carrier in the United Arab Emirates, which operates by the rules of the Persian Gulf state. At the same time, 51% of the carrier’s shares belong to the Abu Dhabi Sovereign Welfare Fund, and 49% to the London representative office of Wizz Air. So who will win in the end is the question.

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