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It is better not to go there this summer: named destinations crowded with tourists

Experts predict that the summer season will be one of the busiest in the history of observations, and therefore unprecedented excitement is expected at the most popular tourist destinations.

Travel Off Path has identified seven popular travel destinations to avoid in the summer of 2023 due to over-tourism.

1. Santorini, Greece. This beautiful Greek island is increasingly characterized as an overrated destination, mainly because it seems too touristy. Yes, the sunsets here and the famous white houses are beautiful, but standing in line for a long time to admire the view or take a good photo can be tiring. Instead, travelers can visit other less popular but equally amazing Greek islands such as Spetses and Kythira to avoid the pesky crowds.

2. Barcelona, Spain. The capital of Catalonia has it all: beautiful historic buildings, amazing modern structures, great beaches, great outdoor activities, delicious food, great bars, and restaurants… and throngs of tourists. This Spanish city is expected to be very busy this summer, and local authorities are already complaining about tourists, especially cruise ship passengers.

3. Amalfi coast, Italy. The Amalfi Coast is beautiful: breathtaking coastal views and charming towns make it a dream destination, but it’s very congested. The pearl of the coast is the fishing village of Positano, which descends from the slopes of the mountains in the form of terraces to the sea.

4. Venice, Italy. Even though Venice authorities introduced an entry fee for tourists last year to avoid over-tourism and support the economy, this iconic site is likely to be very crowded this summer. Travelers can choose other alternatives in Europe, such as Malta or Aveiro in Portugal, where you will also see beautiful gondolas and canals.

5. Hawaii, USA. Many travelers consider Hawaii the paradise of the United States. Spectacular beaches, amazing nature, and entertainment make it an ideal place for a summer vacation. Hawaiian Airlines added more routes from major US cities this summer as the route continues to grow in popularity. But travelers should be aware that due to the large crowd and consideration of ways to protect the environment, there are new rules: entrance to many popular locations may be chargeable or limited by the number of visitors.

6. Istanbul, Turkey. According to a recent study of the top European cities for American travelers this summer, this city saw a 183% increase in bookings this year compared to last year. Turkey is expected to be busier than ever and Istanbul will be in the spotlight as it is the number one destination for foreign visitors.

7. Kyoto and Tokyo, Japan. Travelers are flocking to Japan this year like bees to honey. Its interesting culture, beautiful scenery, delicious food, and impressive buildings, temples, and monuments attract the attention of many travelers. It is not for nothing that Japan was recently recognized as the most beautiful country in the world.

As reported by DIP, the most dangerous cities for tourists were previously named.

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