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In Turkey, the rapid collapse of the lira began, tourism is in shock

Worrying rumors that the Turkish lira has been “set free to swim” are being broadcast by the Turkish travel media. According to some sources, the real rate of inflation exceeds the declared official rate by almost three times, and it has long exceeded 100%.

As Turkish sources assure, in one of the first statements, immediately after the re-election, the “old-new” president of Turkey urged “not to believe the rumors about the possibility of a sharp increase in the exchange rate of the dollar against the lira.” However, it seems that they are an objective reality. According to Turkish experts, the lira depreciated by 10% in ten days, and its rapid collapse continues. So far, the current exchange rate is 23.13 lira per dollar. The lira to the ruble exchange rate is UAH 1.57. for a lira

At the same time, as the media add, after the election, President Erdoğan promised, among other things, to “remove the problem of the high cost of living and exorbitant prices” from the main agenda, as well as to reduce inflation “to single digits.” At the same time, the sources note that only officially the rate of inflation is estimated at almost 40% per year; however, unofficial sources claim that it amounted to 101% for the year.

At the same time, some sources also add that for the main source of foreign currency in Turkey, that is, for foreigners on vacation, the rate of inflation is rather good, even if the exchange rate is 50 and 100 lira per dollar. This will provide tourists with “a ” cheap vacation at Turkish resorts.”

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