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Prices for hotel rooms in Turkey increased by 85.5%

Prices for hotel rooms and the cost of vacations in Turkey have increased significantly: in May, the average across Turkey increased by 85%, and the most popular tourist destinations – Antalya and Istanbul – became even more expensive. So what are the details and what changes are in store for travel enthusiasts? These are the data of the May report of the tourism statistics center Turizm Databank.

What happened to hotel prices in Turkey?

According to the agency’s assessment, the price of hotel rooms in May reached a mark of 1,869 Turkish liras (about $87), which is an increase of 85.5% compared to the previous period.

Hotel rooms in such popular tourist cities as Antalya and Istanbul rose to record prices. So, in Antalya, the average price for rooms increased by 89%, reaching 1,692 Turkish lira ($78), and in Istanbul – by 94%, up to 2,094 lira ($98). At the same time, inflation in Turkey as of May 2023 reached 39.59% on an annualized basis.

What happened to holiday prices in Turkey?

Along with the increase in hotel room prices, the price tag for domestic tours has also risen significantly. According to Turizm Databank, holidays in Turkey lasting a week or more have become more expensive by 65%. Now the price is 8100 Turkish lira ($380).

Prices for weekend tours also cannot please – the increase is significant, 70% at once, in monetary equivalent it is $1,400. It is also difficult for Turks to go abroad now: the cost of holidays abroad, offered by travel companies and websites, also hurts local pockets: the increase in prices for holidays abroad for them jumped by 61%, reaching the mark of 12,200 liras (570 $).

It is important to note that in addition to the jump in prices for hotel rooms and tours, there was also a noticeable increase in the cost of accommodation and overnight stays in hotels in May. According to the Statistical Office of Turkey TÜIK, inflation in May was 0.04% compared to the previous month and 39.59% compared to the same month a year earlier. Spending on accommodation and hotel accommodation increased by 152% in nominal terms and by 54% in real terms. As for electricity prices, they also rose: +142% in nominal terms and 69% in real terms.

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