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In Turkey, shocked by the price increase in January: air tickets +30%, hotels +12%, alcohol +24%

Turkey, in the form of representatives of the tourism sector, travelers, and residents, is in shock due to a significant increase in prices in January: air tickets increased in price by a third, hotels – by 12%, and alcohol – by almost a quarter. Such data, together with inflation for the first month of 2024, were published by the Statistical Office of Turkey (TÜIK).

It was clarified that inflation for the past month in the republic amounted to 6.7% compared to the previous month, which drove up prices and worries. The Inflation Research Group (ENAG) and the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO) also reported high inflation rates, which only added to public anxiety.

The increase in air ticket prices, which turned out to be the most significant on the list, amounted to more than 30% in January. This fact was revealed in the list of “selected basic items and coefficients of change showing the highest monthly CPI growth” published by TÜIK. This aspect was of particular concern given that air travel is considered one of the most important elements of Turkey’s tourism infrastructure. Restaurants and hotels showed the second most significant increase in prices. The cost of an average check and accommodation increased by 12.17%. The third component of recreation is alcohol. It also significantly added to the price – plus 24.37%.

This phenomenon, together with the rising prices of air tickets and hotels, has outraged tourists. Such a significant increase in the cost of travel and accommodation is quite possible, which will soon affect the tourism sector of Turkey, and, as a result, the economy of the country.

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