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In Turkey, in the lobby of the hotel there was a mass brawl between Russian and British tourists (Video)

The territory of a 5-star hotel in Antalya on Monday turned into a battlefield, where a mass brawl broke out between Russian and British tourists. The cause of the conflict was a girl who was allegedly given signs of attention by a vacationer, but her jealous companion noticed. This was reported by the local newspaper En Son Haber.

The incident occurred in the Kemer area. The footage shows how sitting in the hotel recreation area, Russian and British tourists began to shout at each other. Soon the cry turned into a one-on-one relationship, and then into a mass brawl. The fight lasted for several minutes, until the girls came running and began to shoot the violent vacationers. Employees and guests of the hotel did not interfere in the “disassembly” – probably help would come to them “sideways”. We will add that usually such clarifications of relations occur on “drunk head”, and both British and Russian tourists differ in especially big doses of drinking and the most inadequate behavior after that.

It is noted that during the conflict, tourists broke tables and chairs. Now they have to compensate the damage to the hotel. In addition, the Russian tourist has a broken nose, and the British – an arm. Arriving at the hotel, a medical team provided first aid to the “soldiers”.

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