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In Turkey, a radical change of the “All Inclusive” system was announced

A radical change in the all-inclusive system was announced in Turkey. Popular among tourists, the system is threatened by “adjustments due to a sharp increase in hotel costs” in recent years. The first announced scheme may be the “pay as you go” model, according to which “all-inclusive” is planned to be divided into several categories and leave the choice to the tourist, which of them he wants to pay for when buying a tour. In particular, it is proposed to make available alcohol “optional”.

At the same time, as Turizm Gazetesi reports, tourists were immediately reassured: there is no question of rejecting the all-inclusive system in general. The work is “in the framework of the search for regulation that balances the increase in costs for business and the consumer.”

As explained by Caan Cavaloglu, president of the Association of Tourist Hoteliers and Operators of the Mediterranean (AKTOB), hotels have “overfilled” the all-inclusive system due to fierce competition. According to him, the new “pay as you go” model will help create a “price advantage.”

“Those who want to use this model change their systems. In the new era, tourists can use all-inclusive services without alcohol,” Cavaloglu explained.

He was supported by the general director of one of the most luxurious hotels in Turkey, Nirvana Hotels, Korhan Alshan, who stated that with the increase in costs and changing expectations of tourists, the need to re-plan the all-inclusive system has increased. “We need to diversify the content of this system. For example, think about those who do not drink alcohol while on vacation, but have to pay for it. We plan to offer the consumer a model in which he can choose the products he will use,” the hotel said.

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