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In the resorts of Egypt for tourists, the rules regarding alcohol have changed

In the resorts of Egypt – in Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh, the rules regarding alcohol have changed for tourists. This applies to alcohol purchased in Duty-Free stores, which tourists can visit not only at the airport but also on the famous pedestrian streets of the resorts during the first two days of their stay in the country of the pyramids. The experts of the tour operator “Tez Tour” told tourists the details.

“From February 2023, the limit of product holidays has been increased in Duty-Free stores in Egypt. Currently, alcoholic beverages can be purchased at the rate of up to two liters per passport, cigarettes – up to two blocks”, – informed the experts of the tour operator. They also reminded tourists of another innovation — when buying, they will also have to pay a customs fee of 1% of the cost of alcohol, but not less than USD 13 per liter.

At the same time, tourists will be able to visit Duty-Free shops not only in the departure and arrival areas of international airports. “In Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh, there are city Duty-Free shops, in which you can make purchases within 48 hours (2 days, including the day of arrival) after arriving in Egypt, upon presentation of a passport with an entry stamp,” – noted in the press service. Tez Tour service. And clarified the following details for tourists:

In Sharm el-Sheikh, one of the Duty-Free stores is located in the central Naama Bay in the building of the Kahramana Hotel on Hussein Salem Street, and two more – on Soho Square in the El Nabq area and the Old Market area (Sharm Bay el-Maya).
In Hurghada and El Gouna, there are also several city Duty-Free shops, one of which is located on the tourist promenade of Hurghada in the area of Sindbad and Siva Grand Beach hotels.
“We would like to remind you that it is prohibited to bring into Egypt more than one bottle of alcohol of any strength per person (the bottle’s volume should also not exceed 1.5 liters). When leaving the airport, all luggage is scanned and in case of detection of excess alcohol, it can be seized”, – the representatives of the tour operator also warned tourists.

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