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The flight attendant named the worst purchase in duty-free

Many people believe that duty-free shops at airports are a great place to get a bargain. However, this is one of the biggest myths for travelers.

What items you should never buy at airports before flying, an experienced air hostess revealed in her blog for Sun Online Travel.

According to her, the most popular product, which is completely unprofitable to buy in duty-free shops at airports, is chocolate.

“And the worst thing is that it’s not even good chocolate, but the run-of-the-mill stuff you find in stores everywhere. It often comes in new-sized bars or huge packages that cost a fortune. It’s such a misguided economy and I don’t understand why no one has understood this yet,” she explained.

Also, according to her, it is unlikely that you will be able to buy perfumes and souvenirs at competitive prices at airports.

“I think the problem is that flying is still quite rare, and most people only fly maybe once or twice a year. So when they get to the airport, the holiday anticipation gets the better of them and they don’t even think to check,” the flight attendant shares her thoughts.

The author of the blog believes that many travelers shop at airports just to buy something there, although they do not need these things at all.

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