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In Spain, tourists have a new fashion — nude New Year’s parties

On the island of Fuerteventura in Spain’s Canary Islands, a new trend has emerged among British, Norwegian, and Dutch tourists — nude Christmas and New Year’s dinners. And if the New Year is a purely secular holiday, then Christmas is a religious one, and celebrating it in the nude is quite strange.

The Daily Star was told about the everyday life of one of these nudist resorts by its manager, Carey Jane, originally from the UK, who stated that tourists were having a gala dinner in the nude at her hotel. The resort staff are, of course, also naked.

“Fuerteventura is a popular choice among naturists seeking winter sun due to our mild and pleasant climate, where temperatures generally stay above 25 degrees, meaning it is an ideal destination for people looking to sunbathe and relax. Enjoy active holidays without clothes as the UK is in the grip of winter,” she urged tourists. The resort is supported by British Naturism, the largest national naturist organization in the UK, so plenty of guests always want to celebrate Christmas dressed as Adam and Eve.

For their nude party, tourists can enjoy a pool, patio, and outdoor dining area where they can spend the day naked. However, the entire resort is surrounded by a high white wall, ensuring no one passing by will attract attention. Outside the resort, however, the beaches in this area are full of naked swimmers and sunbathers.

“Spain, including the Canary Islands such as Fuerteventura, has a relatively liberal approach to naturism and there are no specific laws against public nudity in designated areas,” the hotel owner said.

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