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A ranking of the most budget-friendly Christmas markets in Europe has been compiled

Hundreds of thousands of tourists flock to Europe to get into the New Year’s spirit – drink mulled wine, buy bright trinkets and try traditional treats. DIP shares a ranking of the cheapest European countries where you can go in search of Christmas adventures.

Post Office Money compared 12 popular cities in Europe to reveal the best budget Christmas destinations on the continent. The leader of the ranking was the capital of Latvia, Riga. According to the report, accommodation, as well as a three-course lunch, mulled wine, and festive pastries will cost two tourists 250 euros, excluding airfare.

Second place went to Stockholm, which is considered one of the most expensive cities in the world. However, spending a luxurious weekend in the Swedish capital will cost two tourists 320 euros, excluding air travel.

The list of cheap destinations also included Zagreb (Croatia), Prague (Czech Republic) and Tallinn (Estonia). On average, a trip with all the necessary entertainment, food, and accommodation for two days will cost tourists from 225 to 331 euros, excluding air travel.

The publication also mentions the Polish city of Krakow, where you should go for the cheapest mulled wine. For example, 4 servings of a drink will cost tourists 10 euros.

At the same time, the authors recognized two cities – Vienna and Copenhagen – as the most expensive Christmas destinations. A two-night trip two to these cities will cost on average more than 1,000 euros, excluding airfare.

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