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In Italy, tourists ordered a glass of Coca-cola and received a bill of 16 euros

Foreign tourists in Italy have encountered a problem that seems to be experienced by most tourists in European cities – overpriced food and drinks. Travelers ordered colas and beers and received a soft drink bill of €16.

As the Spanish tourists themselves specified in a video published on TikTok, the incident took place in a restaurant on St. Mark’s Square in Venice. They ordered four drinks – a Coke and three pints of beer – and some snacks. However, after service, they were presented with a shocking bill of around €70, with €16 for one glass of cola. The footage showed a group of tourists and their nervous laughter after seeing a restaurant bill in Italy.

It should be noted that the prices of drinks and snacks in tourist places have always been inflated, but this story caused a stir on social networks and showed how high prices can be in some European cities. Some users stated that even in the capital cities of other European countries, the prices are not so high, others admitted that, just like the heroes of the video, they faced similar cases of wild prices in other European cities.

There are several ways to avoid similar situations in the future:

  1. First, tourists should familiarize themselves with the menu before ordering.
  2. Secondly, you can look for restaurants and cafes in areas further away from the city center, where the prices will be lower.
  3. It’s also a good idea to do some light monitoring of general food and drink prices in the city in advance to get an idea of what is reasonably priced.

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