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Hotel security in Egypt did not believe the warning about the appearance of a dangerous shark off the coast

The shark attack on a tourist at the Egyptian resort in Dahab could have been avoided. The hotel staff promptly received a signal about the appearance of a predator near the beach, but did not take any measures, this version was told today by Cairo24.

While walking along the shore early in the morning, one of the vacationers saw a shark circling in the water. She hastened to warn the hotel security but heard in response that there was only a large tuna in the sea and not a predatory fish.

The eyewitness told her sister about everything, and they and the children went to the beach. About an hour later, before their eyes, a tragedy occurred in the water – a shark attacked a woman in a place designated for swimming. Help arrived and scared off the sea predator, and the tourist, who had lost her left arm, was taken to the hospital. It is known that the victim is 34-year-old Zainab Ahmed, who came on vacation with her husband from Alexandria.

The Egyptian Ministry of Environment and the South Sinai provincial administration announced the closure of all beaches in Dahab and banned divers from going to sea. The time of their opening will depend on the permission of a specially created commission to investigate the emergency. The restrictions did not affect vacationers at the resorts of Sharm el-Sheikh, located a hundred kilometers away.

Immediately after the attack, fishermen with harpoons examined the waters of the lagoon, but the fish went into the open sea. In the local marine reserve, the appearance of a shark is not considered something unusual: there are many of them in the Red Sea, and this is normal. To protect people, there is one recommendation – if predators are detected, immediately clear the beach of tourists.

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