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Greece changes quarantine rules for tourists this week

Greek officials have agreed that tourists who contract COVID-19 while in the country are no longer required to undergo quarantine.

The ministers of tourism, health, and economy of Greece, who are responsible for the functioning of the tourism business, said that there will no longer be special quarantine rooms in hotels.

As such, travelers who contract the virus are no longer required to self-isolate while in Greece.

In addition, the current rule, which requires all infected people to remain in quarantine for five days, does not apply to tourists.

According to the updated protocol, travelers to Greece will be able to choose whether they want to remain in self-isolation for the remainder of their stay in the country.

Tourists diagnosed with COVID-19 will also be able to use ferries, planes, and other modes of transport.

There is only one condition: they must wear the FFP2, or KN95, mask at all times.

Experts believe that in addition to the obvious pluses, this news has the opposite effect: it can cause concern for those who are initially vulnerable and have a weakened immune system.

Recall that in May, Greece lifted all entry restrictions related to COVID-19, opening unhindered entry to all travelers, regardless of their country of origin. Foreigners no longer require a vaccination certificate or a negative test result.

Greek Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikilias is confident that the country’s tourism sector will accelerate GDP growth this year. He added that the number of arrivals continues to grow in several popular destinations: six of the top ten European destinations, which recorded the largest increase compared to 2019, are in Greece.

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