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Germany introduced new rules for wearing masks on February 2

The German authorities officially abolished the mandatory wearing of masks on long-distance trains and in public transport. This requirement has been in effect for almost two years. The German media report this.

Taking into account the improvement in the situation with COVID-19, the German authorities have decided to abandon several restrictions related to the coronavirus. German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach said that the number of infections in January was halved compared to December.

Moreover, the minister noted that the number of hospitalizations in hospitals has also decreased, and it has become possible to make it optional to wear protective masks on long-distance trains and local public transport.

According to medical reports, the population has developed a high level of immunity, and they do not expect a new wave this winter season.

However, while wearing masks on long-distance trains and local public transport is no longer mandatory, authorities noted that everyone could continue to use personal protective equipment if they feel safer.

In addition to removing masks, people who have tested positive for coronavirus will no longer need to self-isolate in many parts of the country.

As for other rules related to the coronavirus, it was emphasized that they will remain in force until April 7th. Well, until all restrictions are lifted, patients, visitors, and healthcare workers will continue to be required to wear protective masks.

This year, the situation with coronavirus in Germany has improved significantly. A total of 73,860 new cases of COVID-19 infection have been reported in the country over the past seven days, according to the World Health Organization. 48 patients could not be saved.

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