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Germans and Poles are everywhere, there are no more Russians: Egyptian resorts announced the arrival of flights with tourists

Now Germans and Poles “refuel” at popular Egyptian resorts, and there are practically no Russians. This information followed a recent report on the arrival of planes carrying tourists at Hurghada and Marsa Alam airports, according to Cairo24.

Russian tourists have noticeably lost ground in the resorts of Egypt, the Russian language is practically not heard in the hotels, although Hurghada is the most popular resort in Egypt among Russians. Vacationers from Germany and Poland took their place at both Red Sea resorts.

So, last Sunday, the two airports received about 28,000 tourists of various nationalities, who arrived on 134 flights from various airports around the world. At the same time, most of the planes came from Europe.

Only the international airport of Marsa Alam received about 4,000 tourists on 24 European flights on May 7. And for the current week, the number of international flights will be 128.

To clarify: on Sunday, five planes from the Czech Republic, six from Poland and Italy, three from Germany, two domestic ones from Cairo, one each from Switzerland and Belgium landed at the airport. At the same time, according to the weekly report, most of the arrivals are Germans. The Poles took second place, the Czechs took third, and the Italians took fourth.

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