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Farmers blocked the road to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris with hay bales.

Farmers in Paris are on strike near the famous Arc de Triomphe: they blocked the roads to the landmark with hay bales.

The protest against government policy is being carried out by the French farmers’ union Coordination Rurale.

At Place Charles de Gaulle, where the arch is located, there are about 150 farmers and agricultural equipment. The promotion runs from 4:00. With the help of the police, traffic around the Arc de Triomphe has been restored, but farmers are still on the ground.

Let us remind you that on February 2, farmers were already blocking traffic at the Arc de Triomphe.

In France, there have been protests by farmers lately: they are blocking important highways, blocking traffic with tractors, haystacks, and heaps of manure, and throwing agricultural waste at prefectures and administration buildings.

Farmers are protesting against French government agricultural policies that make them uncompetitive.

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