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Deaths from shark attacks are on the rise worldwide

According to the Tracking Sharks portal, the world has seen a frightening increase in the number of deaths from shark attacks: in 2023, 84 people were injured and 18 people died from attacks by these marine predators. Moreover, some of the victims were completely eaten.

According to experts, such several deaths have not occurred for 20 years. This is primarily due to the warming of the world’s oceans, which encourages predators to move from the less populated southern hemisphere to the cooler and more populous northern hemisphere. Thus, the likelihood of encounters between sharks and people increases.

Also contributing to the increase in attacks could be the fact that with modern diving equipment, people can stay underwater longer, which also increases the risk of encountering sharks.

Another reason is the pollution of the world’s oceans and overfishing: predators do not have enough food and they tend to shallow waters.

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