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“Czech Airlines” refused to compensate Russian tourists for flights that did not take place

Czech Airlines has informed tourists that certificates issued before March 10, 2021, are no longer valid. The TourDom.ru correspondent was told about this situation by a travel agent whose clients were unable to go on a tour to Prague due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The tour operator returned part of the money, and the airline issued vouchers for the flight. They were valid until October 29 and burned out as expected. Tourists tried to resolve the issue with the carrier, as it is still impossible for Russians to use their services: Czech Airlines does not fly to the Russian Federation, the number of flights to Europe has been reduced, and even in the Czech Republic itself, Russians are not expected and their entry has been restricted. The airline informed its customers that the court declared it insolvent and that the money will not be returned. Those tourists who independently filed a lawsuit in the Prague court received 4.6% of the cost of the flight.

According to the travel agent, they asked the tour operator to refund the full cost of the tour, but he refused. And recommended contacting the airline.

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