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An epidemic broke out in the city of Turkey most populated by Ukrainians

An influenza epidemic broke out in the most crowded city in Turkey, where many Ukrainians moved after the Russian invasion. We are talking about Alanya and its satellite settlements located nearby. The relevant warning appeared on the pages of the local newspaper Yeni Alanya.

“Unfortunately, now we have an epidemic. Everyone will wear masks,” said the head of health care of Alanya, Dr. Nadir Aldemir. The doctor reported that the situation with influenza in the city is tense, many are sick not only at home but also in hospitals. In contrast to previous years, recovery from the flu lasts up to 20 days – patients are having a hard time with days accompanied by a strong cough and severe headaches.

“There is a flu epidemic in Alanya now, it’s not corona (coronavirus). The crown is no longer as heavy as before, it has mutated and lost its lethality. This epidemic has been going on for a long time. Our only way to protect ourselves is to wear a mask in a crowd. Hand hygiene is also necessary. Drink plenty of fluids. Alanya is a citrus city, take a lot of vitamin C. Drink fresh orange juice,” he urged.

According to him, now the flu epidemic is observed not only in the resort city on the Mediterranean Sea but also in all of Turkey. These are variants of respiratory syncytial infection, which mainly affects the lower respiratory tract, as well as influenza and corona virus. “Let the elderly and people with chronic diseases, like all our fellow citizens, be careful with the epidemic that is currently raging in the country,” said the doctor.

At the same time, the expert drew attention to the underestimated official data on the incidence: “We also cannot know exactly how many people in Alanya were infected, because not everyone who got the flu goes to the doctors.”

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